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What we do

The ultimate objective of mitigating and adapting to Climate Change and the Human Environmental Footprint impact, is to ensure that:


Human livelihood and wellbeing are maintained and improved through the Strategic Development Goals as part of the Global Climate Change Agenda 


Attention is focused on prevention of environmental degradation and restoration of the ecological habitats.


Our commissions:

Protection against unsustainable logging 

Protection against unsustainable harvesting of nature’s goods

Protection against unsustainable wild game hunting

Protection against pollution – chemicals, non-biodegradable waste, noise.

Awareness of ecologically sustainable use of natural resources

Biodiversity management. 

Adopting organic farming techniques where possible. 

Social co-benefits of sustainable use of the ecosystem habitats 

Economic empowerment of rural communities 

Education in conservation to accelerate sustainable community based environmental protection projects 

Environmental tourism

Cataloguing and creating a database of indigenous flora and fauna in a pristine riverine eco-system forest conservation for scientific enquiry and posterity

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