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Our Objective

“Bold climate action is in the national interest of every single country....” 

Ban Ki-Moon U.N. Secretary-General, 2015 World Economic Summit.

AFE group of enterprises believe that the rapidly advancing adverse changes in climate occurring in the world have to be matched by aggressive expert and civil society collaborative efforts to mitigate and reverse the trend toward irresponsible anthropological impact on the environmental integrity and climatic cycles. 

In the mean time adaptive strategies are necessary to minimize negative effect on livelihood and welfare.

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Our Mission

Inspiring a paradigm shift in rural and urban communities in order to help sustain the natural rainforest environments.


Our Vision

We envisage a world where the threat to environmental integrity and loss of biodiversity is halted and reversed.

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Our Approach

We practice and promote the adoption of organic farming, sustainable agroforestry, wildlife conservation and environmental restoration projects in Nigeria through collaborative efforts to deliver significant beneficial climate, biodiversity, welfare and social benefits.

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