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Emerald Forest Reserve is in need of volunteers who are passionate about the natural environment and are willing to work hard to preserve it. Volunteers should have a positive attitude, be able to work independently and as part of a team, and have knowledge about the tropical environment. Volunteers should also have good communication skills and be able to interact with the local community. As a volunteer, you will be expected to help with research, land management, reforestation, wildlife monitoring, and community outreach. In addition, volunteers should be prepared to take on tasks such as trail maintenance, campground upkeep, and other manual labour. Thank you for considering volunteering for this amazing cause!

Volunteering is an excellent way to give back to your community and make a positive impact. We are always looking for enthusiastic and responsible volunteers to join our team. To help ensure that everyone has a positive experience, we ask that all volunteers adhere to the following guidelines:

Volunteering Guidelines

  • All volunteers must obtain their valid travel visa, Emerald Forest Reserve will support you with a letter of invitation.

  • All volunteers must have an interest in any ecological or wildlife conservation, research or fieldwork.

  • All rules and regulations of the BB and Emerald Forest Reserve must be adhered to.

  • Respect the rights of all individuals and maintain a professional attitude. 

  • Respect the privacy of those you are serving. 

  • Be punctual and reliable. 

  • Work with the team to complete tasks and objectives. 

  • Communicate any issues or concerns to the appropriate personnel in a timely manner.

  • Remain open-minded and flexible. 

  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and a positive attitude. 

  • Have fun and enjoy your service!

We are grateful for your commitment to our cause and look forward to a rewarding experience for all of our volunteers. Thank you for your support!

Scope of Work

The scope of volunteering work includes a range of activities related to animal welfare, environmental conservation, and sustainable agriculture.

Example of Duties: 
  • Students will focus on their preferred and pre-determined topic, but also help with general animal welfare, data collection, cleaning and research activities.

  • Volunteers should share their passions beforehand so that we can try to focus you in those areas, but will also help with general animal welfare, data collection, cleaning and research activities.

  • Care of baby pangolins is very specialized and exact.  Special milk formulas must be followed and given only as recommended so only those volunteers with infinite patience, steady hands and the ability to follow instructions exactly, will be involved with feeding.

  • Baby pangolins will need to be taken into the forest for hours at a time and slowly they will learn to climb short trees and gain confidence to be away from the person they are bonding with.  This also takes infinite patience.

  • Ideally, each pangolin will have 2 primary caregivers so that they can form some bonds for trust, but still be adaptable.  Your length of stay will probably affect the responsibilities given to you, but pangolin care will usually be a big part of any volunteer’s experience.


​We recommend the following for any animal clinic volunteers.

  • Bring a hat.

  • Bring comfortable shoes.



Single room $100 per person.

Shared room $50 per person.

For couples or families to share with comfortable single/double bunk beds and bedding provided (duvet/bed sheets and pillows) showers and toilets are also shared.

Solar/Diesel powered electric fittings available.

Laundry services are available for $10 per week.

Complimentary breakfast,  Other meals i.e cost $10 per meal. Meals can be altered with respect to dietary needs or allergies.

Example Menu for a week
Quaker Oats with chocolate cake
Sandwiches with fruit juice
Rice with beef/fish stew
Scrambled eggs with bread
Spaghetti with meatballs
Roasted Chicken and chips
Sausages with tomato sauce
Jollof rice with beef and plantain
Chicken salad
Fish stew with roasted Irish potatoes
Hamburgers with tuna salad
Bean pottage with pap
Rice and chicken stew
Pies with coleslaw
Cereal, omelette & bread
Spagetti with meatballs
Pizza with chapmans
Mac & cheese
BBQ night. Roasted plantain with grilled meat/fish and cocktails

Arrivals and departures

Airport shuttle (max 3 passengers)

Each passenger pays $140 for the two-way trips


Arrival at B&B in Ibadan where we will proceed with accreditation and orientation on the first day.

Preparation and Logistics

  • Bring all personal items including a towel.

  • Anti Malaria prophylactics or very strong repellents are necessary.

  • Bring lightweight long pants and long sleeve shirts to avoid mosquitos.  It’s generally hot and humid, but a cover-up is necessary as they will sting anywhere accessible including between your toes, scalp and face

  • Preferably light cotton shawls that you can throw around your shoulders, wrap around your waist etc.  It can just be hemmed pieces of cotton.

  • Essential oils can work very well for repelling insects.  However please test them on your skin and clothes before arrival.

  • Bring rubber gum boots for the forest.

  • Share any dietary needs or medical issues at least a week before arrival.

  • Bring any medication needed.

  • Payment of a 50% deposit is needed upon booking and full payment is required before arrival. 

Next Steps

  1. Contact us at or message us via WhatsApp at (+234)806-381-1858 to express your interest or should you have any further questions.

  2. Once we confirm availability for your preferred dates, please make a deposit payment to secure your spot.

  3. Send your confirmation of deposit payment to us through your preferred contact method.

We look forward to hearing from you and having you on our team!"

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