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Our Story

We are the 3 children (Omo-meta) of Akin Abayomi and German-born Margot Abayomi, who were the original founders of Abayomi Farm Estate on the outskirts of Ibadan, in south western Nigeria, circa 1955.  We were all raised for the most part on this farm and in other remote government agricultural outposts.

In 2002 we went back to seek out one of those remote areas of our childhood that was about to be robbed of its clean, green and serene riverine
forest ecosystem.


15 years later it has been a worthwhile cause safeguarding 300 acres of pristine indigenous forest as:

- A model for indigenous communities to
achieve economic 
empowerment through eco-friendly co-operatives. 


- A sanctuary for town and city dwellers and tourists to experience the delights of nature. 

- An established training base for forestry students.

- A protected area for endangered birds and other animals.

Watching them create a paradise and living symbiotically with nature wherever they were stationed, inspired a passion in us to emulate their lifestyle and celebrate their legacy.


Today those peaceful verdant forests are rapidly disappearing through illegal logging for the export market, and being replaced with sprawling concrete townships. Severe flooding in the rain season and prolonged drought in the dry season are an increasing pattern.


We resolved to make every effort to address this problem by salvaging, protecting and restoring as much as possible of the indigenous flora and fauna.

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