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Director of Operations 

Dr Modupe Martha-Alice Ladipo (nee Abayomi)

A nature enthusiast, Dr. Modupẹ Ladipọ was born and raised in Ibadan and Lagos.

Studied Medicine at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Specialized in Family Medicine at University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan.

Former Head of the Family Medicine Department for 15 years, bringing the Department to international standards in Undergraduate and Postgraduate training.

Additional interest area is Bio-Ethics

Co- director of MAMIE Foundation

National Treasurer of the Nigeria Field Society (founded in 1930), one of the oldest organizations devoted to the study of Nigerian flora and fauna, its environment, its people and their culture.

The journal of the Society is widely distributed to libraries in the UK and Africa.

The Society has links with:

IITA-Leventis Forest Restoration Project

Institut Francais de Reserche en Afrique ( IFRA)

Nike Art Centre (Traditional Batik Fabric)

Goethe Institute, Legacy (The Historical & Environmental Interest Group of Nigeria)

Susanne Wenger Adunni Olorisha Trust in Oshogbo.

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