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Our Projects 

Birds And Trees

"It's not only fine birds that make fine feathers" ~ Aesop

With the help of IITA we have been able to discover new species of bird life, and a large sanctuary of tree diversity of up to 75 tree species, showing that the forest is rich in bio diversity.

Conservation Projects:

AFE established the Emerald Forest Conservation project in the Osun River biome of Nigeria in 2003, where we are resisting the trend towards extensive deforestation and the consequential impact thereof on the environment and rural urban migration. This project has on going and comprehensive community engagement activities with the relevant stakeholders. 


The Emerald Forest Reserve serves as a satellite training facility for the Department of Forestry of the University of Ibadan under a Memoranda of Understanding as well as the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA).


These collaborations aim to catalogue the endangered forest flora and fauna species in this part of the Lower Guinean Forest of West Africa, to provide postgraduate level field training under the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES), and promote the adoption of restoration strategies in the surrounding community by demonstrating the principles and benefits of sustainable utilization of our natural biomes and the rich biodiversity they host. 

Organic Farming:

AFE was the first NOAN certified organic farm in Southwestern Nigeria. We are inspected annually for renewal of certification

Our organic pineapple field was started in 2006 and has grown to 1000 stands. The forest community grow organic corn, vegetables and fruits for domestic use and for sale.

Traditional Palm-oil Processing Project:

Emerald Forest reserve is home to over 3000 indigenous Elaeis guineensis trees (the West African palm tree). These extremely tall trees can grow to over 20M in height. They require regular maintenance by pruning the older fronds. Their flowers are one of the main sources of nectar for our African honeybees. The slow maturing bunches of red palm fruits are skilfully harvested by the menfolk for the womenfolk to make the rich red palm oil, as well as the palm kernel oil and fire-lighting pats. To reduce carbon emissions and maximise their profits we support local forest inhabitants in these traditional methods and encourage direct sales in the local markets. We are seeking NAFDAC certification so that this produce can be sold in supermarkets or exported.

Wood & Bamboo Project:

The MAMIE Foundation runs a skills training workshop for rural communities, utilising forest resources

  • Harvesting storm felled or selected trees and bamboo stems

  • Natural preservation and drying techniques

  • Skills training workshops

  • Establishing a cooperative for wood working

Wildlife Sanctuary Project:

Emerald Forest Reserve is being assessed for its potential to become an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area, IBA. Utilizing BirdLife International’s criteria and the framework for exploring and monitoring endangered bird species, bird diversity, vegetation parameters, threats to birds, improve conservation measures, Professor Manu and his team from the University of Jos are providing us with expert technical advice. To this end Bird Hides are being constructed in strategic positions in the forest to enhance the monitoring process, and game hunting is prohibited. With the help of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) we have been able to identify some avian life, the

Arts and Crafts Training Women:

In collaboration with MAMIE Foundation we have developed viable training projects for education and learning, including bee-keeping (sponsored by Bees Abroad UK), arts and crafts, indigo batik cloth dyeing along the Oshogbo artists lines, beeswax candle-making, and beeswax based creams.

Renewable Energy Project:

Proposals for sustainable renewable energy from water-ways, wind and solar sources.

Environmental Tourism Project: 

Our ecotourism caters for wild life enthusiasts. Visitors enjoy guided treks through the forest along nature trails leading to the Osun River. In collaboration with the MAMIE Foundation comfortable lodging is available at the Emerald Forest itself or at the Bed & Breakfast guesthouse in Ibadan. Proceeds from these contribute financially to sustain the conservation project

A once a month 3 kilometer walk at emerald forest is all you need to reset your body system for effective healthy function after being purified by the exceptional fresh air which detoxes your lungs especially and refreshes your body tissues at the end of which you will leave the farm feeling like a new born baby.
It’s breath taking being so close to nature in its raw essence, experiencing its best with rare birds such as the horn bill, awe-inspiring gigantic trees over 200years old, gushing waterfalls and the serene flow of the Osun River in its tranquillity, Bunmi Oyeleye.

Carbon Sinking:

A ring-fenced area is available to be assigned to corporate clients for carbon sinking to mitigate carbon emissions causing global climate change effects.

Emerald forest



We are producing organic forest honey, we have set up our own beehives in order to house the bees to produce the honey. The interesting thing about our forest honey is that it never tastes the same, each bottled honey has a different taste, even a different colour. 

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